Sir, your son has just had some heart failure.

Not what you want the doctor to tell you.

It was all really quick, his nurse said that one minute he was fine, the next minute it all started to go bad.

Lyds and I decided to go down for lunch together and just as we where finishing up, we had a call from the doctor telling us to get straight back up to ICU.

When we arrived, one of the Doctors took us aside into the a meeting room and explained that they where putting James onto a machine that will take over the functions of both his heart and lungs. While they where doing that they had to help him with his heart functions.

This means that he now has even more leads running out of his body. Hopefully this will give his little heart a bit of time to recover from the surgury. The current plan is to keep him sedated and try an move him back to using his own heart sometime tomorrow.