We got our first cuddles this afternoon. In a major operation, nearly two hours in the planning, involving two nurses two parents and one child, Lyds got to hold James for the first time in two weeks.


We only got to hold James for about 45 minutes before he started to get grumpy, but it was a marvelous 45 minutes. Hopefully we can have some more cuddles tomorrow so that Dad can get a shot.


James had his Breathing tube swapped today. He’s now on CPAP. This means that instead of the machine pumping air to him at a particular rate down a tube that goes down to the lungs, the tube now stops in the back of throat and pushes a constant but low volume of air that just stops the lungs from fully collapsing, but makes him breathe for himself.


They are hoping to take out some more of the drainage lines tomorrow and seeing how he goes with his breathing before they turn off CPAP.