We had another quite Sunday. It's both good and bad. There are not too many Doctors around on the weekend and the only surgury is emergency, but it's still frustrating having to sit around waiting for news.

We are still not sure when we might get the surgury, it could be day, weeks or months. James is having another Ultrascan Monday morning (he has to fast from 6am) and some more bloods done so they can get an idea of how urgent things are.

The Cardo Doctors would rather wait a little while if we can to give his heart a bit more of a chance to recover. To have surgury now has a fair amount of risk attached to it given how recent he had open heart surgury. But if it looks like the bile not being expelled is causing to many problems, then they have to operate sooner.

It's all a juggling act at the moment to minimise the risk.