Over the last couple of days James has become noticeably louder. Hopefully this means that his vocal cords are making a full recovery and he’ll have a normal voice when he starts speaking. In the interim, we want to turn the volume back down :-) We spent nearly two months hoping that the vocal cords would recover, and now that they seem to be recovering, we would like to quieten him down. How bad is that! Overall he is doing pretty well at the moment. He’s starting to get into a routine again. He’s sleeping most of the night, and playing with stuff if we are not watching. We need to get him to be a little more independent. He will start to cry if we are away for more than a few minutes. It’s an unfortunate result of his time in hospital where we were beside him most of the time. He isn’t feeding to well either, is really happy to just let us put it down the tube. That and we are not used to the middle of the night wakeups, the nurses where covering that at the hospital.