Thought I'd better write about what the plans are for this site. I'm going to try and put an update on what's happening with James every weekend (it'll probably be Sunday night before I remember) and if anything else that is news worthy happens during the week I'll put that up as well.

That said, when James goes back to hospital for the surgery to remove his gallbladder, I'll be posting every day.

In the lastest news, James is going really well, he is feeding really well and is happy (most of the time) and really alert.

The only real glitch recently was the other morning when he decided that he didn't like his Nasal tube any more and pulled it out. Unfortunately he only got it half out before he started to scream for me to do it for him.

This means that we have a normal looking baby again. He's putting on a fair bit of weight at the moment so he looks really good. The only down side is that we have to feed him his drugs orally now (previously they went down the tube).