We had our first proper laugh last night. It was only a little one, but it was for me! Not for Mum, but me. It was awesome!

Overall James has had a really good week and has been pretty happy. I mean who wouldn't be with some many different people coming to see him.

His Uncle Henry and Aerlin have been in and out since just before Christmas and James loves spending time with them, tend to see lots of smiles when they're around (aside from the scare time that we had the other day where Henry made the baby with heart problems nearly jump out of his skin).

Over the weekend one of my High school friends dropped in for a few hours and one of Lyds high school friends came with her 4 kids to say hello.

Her youngest is just three weeks older than James, so it really put into perspective how far behind James really is. He was tiny compared to Ollie, but at some point over the next 18 years he'll start to make Ollie look small, its all about timing.

We are off to the Hospital this afternoon for a check up with the Cardiologists, hopefully that all goes well and then next week we are going to be back to the hospital again for another appointment.