I always seem to start posts with an apology for not writing earlier. Hmmm. must try and post more frequently.

James is going great guns at the moment. He's been stacking on the weight and developing well. We get lots of laughs these days and he's starting to roll over more (not just by accident). The last couple of visits to the Cardo doctors have been positive and the heart function has been getting a little bit better (long way to go on that one yet).

James was meant to have his Gallbladder and bilary ducts removed on Friday, but the surgeon in consultation with the Cardo doctor decided that the surgery should be delayed for three months. The main reason is that James is still pretty small for his age (two months in hospital will do that to you). The surgeon normally waits for a healthy baby to be 6 months old before opening them up. Given his size, the surgeon would rather wait for a little bit longer.

We are pretty happy with this, James has made such great progress over the last two months since we got out of hospital, we where dreading having to watch him have to go through it again. As well as his weight, his muscle strength is still a bit behind so rolling and sitting are a little behind where they should be.