James had a pretty good week. He doesn't really like hot days, but with a little bit of Air Con, he's not too bad.

Lyd's had to take the little guy for some more blood tests, just to check up on his liver function.

He managed to put on about 400 grams (he was weighed just after a meal, so was probably more like 300 but that's still really good).

I've uploaded some more photos, you can check out the latest album <A class="" title="2009 Photos" href="http://cid-8e38571a62c732e8.skydrive.live.com/play.aspx/Public/200901%20-%20James?ref=1" target=_blank mce_href="http://cid-8e38571a62c732e8.skydrive.live.com/play.aspx/Public/200901%20-%20James?ref=1">here.