Time for another one of my infrequent updates.

We have all been going really well. James is getting closer and closer to sleeping through the night (we keep waking up wondering when he's going to wake up though).

He's been stacking on the weight, last week he added another 220 grams (nearly a 100 grams more than we expect in a week). The doctors and the nurses in Melton are really happy with his progress and the Cardo doctor said that his heart function is about the same. He's now back on the weight curve that he started off on before the time in hospital.

He's able to roll off his back onto his side or tummy (when he wants) but is still struggling to get back off his tummy (although he is getting closer).

I was away for a couple of days with work this week, and when I got back last night, I got the biggest smiles. The Little Fish was really happy to see Dad again!