We went and saw the Gastro Surgeon last week to talk about the next round of surgery. He was pretty happy with how well James is going at the moment and has decided that the time is right to remove the Gallbladder.

For us, this is both good and bad news. We really don't want the little guy to undergo the surgery, but glad that it is finally going to happen after it hanging over our heads for so long. Hopefully we don't have an cancellations. Really not looking forward to that happening.

The current plan is for the surgery to take place on the 15th of May (Nanna's Birthday). James will be under for about 4 hours while the Gallbladder and Bilary Ducts are removed. The surgeon will then use some of the intestines to make new Bilary Ducts and stitch him back up.

James will have one night in the Intensive care ward before moving back to one of the wards for about a week before we can take him home.

The main reason that the surgery could be cancelled is the lack of beds in Intensive Care. Hopefully there aren't too many really sick kids around on the day.

We will do more posts on the blog while James is in Hospital so that you can keep up with where he's at.