James has had a pretty average day today for pain. The pain management team recommended a few drugs, but getting the dose high enough without putting the little guy at risk has been a hard one of the nurses.

One of the drugs they had him on will normally keep any baby out cold. With James he was on the max dose they could give him and it was only keeping him out when there was no pain.

Late morning he was taken off the assisted breathing which was brilliant. He handled the transition without any issues or additional meds which was great. This meant that we could go to the ward if all was well after 4 hours.

Mid afternoon the nurse from the fourth floor came down and after doing a handover, we followed James up to 4 Main where we'll hopefully be spending the next week or so.

After a really restless day and the addition of a new drug to counter some of the adverse reactions to the morphine, James finally zonked out a bit after 6 tonight. Hopefully he'll get a good night sleep and feel a bit better in the morning so we can start the long road of reducing the Morphine.