James had a really good day today, he slept heaps, catching up on the sleep that he missed yesterday. He was pretty good when some of my family dropped in to wish him well, everyone was rapt with how well he's doing.

James also had a bit of a chat when his grandparents dropped in. He still doesn't know what to make of Granddads beard so he just stared for a while [:)]

Unfortunately, this evening he really started to notice that he hasn't eaten anything since thursday. This has made getting him off to sleep pretty hard work. Hopefully Lyds doesn't have to bad a night tonight with him (she's sleeping in the pullout bed next to him while I'm in at Ronald McDonald house until we swap in the morning and she can have a sleep).

The Surgeon will hopefully come in the morning to see how he's going. If all is well, James should be aloud to start eating again not long after that. 

<IMG style="WIDTH: 640px; HEIGHT: 480px" title="Asleep on the ward" alt="Asleep on the ward" src="http://www.oneroundpebble.com/photos/fblogphotos/images/13784/640x480.aspx" width=640 height=480 mce_src="/photos/fblogphotos/images/13784/640x480.aspx">