James had a pretty rough night and morning, not sure if it was a reaction to the drugs or not enough drugs or just being hungry. One of the drugs that he is on sometimes can cause kids to get a little edgy.

He was getting short sleeps overnight before waking up crying. After a little bit of settling or a hit of drugs, he'd drop back off to sleep.

This morning he just wouldn't go to sleep. Not a chance. He wanted to but just couldn't seem to manage it.

At about 11 am he got his first feed since Thursday and also had the drain in his stomach removed. Not long later he finally dropped off to sleep. For 10 minutes. He's had a few more short sleeps since then but is still really tired.

The Surgeon came up to see him this afternoon. He is really happy with the progress that James has made over the weekend. Hopefully we can stay on track and make it home this week.