Yesterday was a fairly long day. James wasn’t quite himself. He was pretty grumpy. It was mainly down to food. We were working up to full feeds, but without the solids. This made him hungry most of the time. It was also time to try and stop a couple of the pain relief drugs (the ones they don’t like people to take home) which didn’t help his overall mood.

Our mood was definitely lightened when our nurse mentioned that they were considering sending us home if we could get the central line in James' neck out. Needless to say, we were pretty happy if we could get out early.


During the rounds this morning one of the doctors asked why James was still in the hospital. He said that given they weren't doing much for him anymore that he'd be better off at home. Not one to disagree, I asked for the discharge paperwork.

James heard the news and was about as happy as his parents and has spent most of the day smiling which a liberal amount of laughing as well.