As a part of most open heart surgery, Pacing Wires are inserted into the chest cavity when they are completing the procedure. This lets them attach a pace maker if required (if the heart develops an irregular rhythm.

Thankfully in most cases they don't need them, but it's a good precaution. Once the staff are happy with the function of the heart, it's time to get these pacing wires removed.

So, after a morning of  vomiting everything that was put into him back up (including all the various medication that James is currently on which they can't reissue) he was given some more Medazolam. Unfortunately that came straight back at the nurse, so it was decided after that much puke, there wasn't anything left in the stomach so intravenous it was.

The effect was the same, with a somewhat happier boy watching Mum blow bubbles while the nurses took out the wires and laughed at the patient.

The big event of the afternoon was a fairly big walk out of the room and partway down the hallway, then a good cry to try and get someone to pick him up before walking back to the bed. He wasn't impressed that Mum and Dad both refused to pick him up, but walked it anyway. [:)]

Hopefully we have a better night than last night, James got a fair amount of sleep, but I ended up only getting 4-5 hours.