First thing this morning, the nurses removed James' central line (large IV into his neck) which let him without any wall plugs. It was brilliant. The little guy was in a good mood having come off the Fentanyl (a morphine line pain killer) and no longer puking everything we put into him and he was not mobile again.

We did some little walks and some blowing bubbles through a tube (more fun that you'd expect), watched some Chuggington and had some breakfast. 

During the doctors rounds this morning, Igor (our sugeon) asked why James couldn't go home today. No one had any reasons, so it was decided that they'd try and get us out some time in the afternoon.

Lyd's and I were running with "I'll believe it when I see it" but the doctor was possitive that it would happen.

Luckily she was right, so just before 6pm tonight, we walked out of the hospital. It was an awesome feeling. We'd been told to expect somewhere between 6 and 9 nights and managed to get out in 5. so after cleaning out our room at Ronald MacDonald House, we jumped in the car and came home.

So today was a good day, we had James and Nick both having a ball in the play room at the hospital (James didn't want to walk there initially, but once we got there, couldn't get him out for well over an hour), and we got to bring everyone home